Queen of the night has craved of sun

Even though she will die…

so that her petals have tightened her much, she couldn’t have been waiting for freedom.

She was Queen of the night but in love with sun.

The sun has been bragging, knowing that all the flowers loved him.

And he had never seen the queen.

Moreover, the moon has loved the queen.

He used to watch her every night and look forward to open her petals.

For the queen the sun was not just a food source.

the sun was actually feeding the queen’s heart.

someday a violent storm has blewing…

the queen of the night is so delicate that no flowers thought she could cope.

No!!! she has endured to see her love.

Her sole purpose was to see him.

but the queen would never see him.

Because she would open her leaves only one night and she would die.

process has started… Queen would say hi to life and then goodbye.

She opened her petals like a fancy bride of nature and…

And moon died down her love.

The queen has been waiting for her death.

there was something going wrong..

She was still alive… still alive…

spellbound cloud poured a few tear from sky.

The trees poured away their leaves due to respect…

the sun has been starting to rise.

Yesss… She would see him

It was a miracle…

a wizard’s breath…

Smile of love…

The sun was replaced by the whole figure and all the flowers looked with admiration for him.

He noticed a flower that began to fade.

She was queen of the night.

Because the queen could see him, she was so peaceful that death felt like a sweet sleep to her.

The sun ripped out a piece of himself and blew the queen.

The queen of the night was anymore the queen of day and night.

And then, Queen blewed a dark part of herself into the sun.

the sun was both moon and sun anymore.

they were always together anymore.

Their love has reached eternity.

They combined the sky and the earth with their love.

”Queen of the night( Epiphyllum Oxypetalum) is a orchid cactus flower that blooms it’s(her) petals only in night by witnessing moonlight and then dies”

Poet: Someone who seek the truth

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